Mission P-ossible - My Monday Missions Entry

I'm in a mission today, and I'll call it Mission Possible. Why? My mission today is finding things that starts with letter P. So, here it is:



It's early morning, and being away from the comforts of home, a part of me is excited to sail away from this far-flung island, where the only means to come and go are the pumpboats--passenger boats or private, back and forth to the main land.

As we we're travelling back, my son couldn't help but said, 'Mom, when we get home, I wanna eat PANCAKES.



So, I promised that I will give him the best pancake ever!

True, though we love the simple life in the island, free from the choas of the city life, but we also miss our 'comfort food' at times.

And that is one comfort food that he missed.

When we arrived home, our mom has prepared a huge PAPAYA for us, picked from our garden.



This sweet papaya has been a delightful welcome! There's no such fresh fruits in the island other than coconut and calamansi! That's the only fruit trees that grow there, all else are imported.

After eating, we set aside our things, really wanting to rest my tired body from travelling.

I had a quick bath. I see our bed inviting me to rest. I also see my PILLOW.



My pillow is smiling at me, as if waiting to be cuddled. I miss the scent and the softness of this huggable pillow.

As I lay my body to rest, my eyes laid upon the PAINTING in our room.



The beautiful painting reminded me again of the beautiful island-life we had. Simple yet beautiful! A life that I would always want to escape into away from fast-paced city life.

Waking up in the afternoon, we have to go to the mall to fulfill our promise for a delicious pancake.

And as we were on our way to the pancake house, the little fellow have somehow changed his mind, and he want PIZZA instead.



We made a little detour and settled ourselves to a pizza parlour.

We miss these simple stuffs. Never had I thought that I'll miss eating pizza, but I did.

And I think, time's up! I already named 6 P's!!! Mission accomplised! 😉

Thank you for joining me in this mission,


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