Cat nonsense

My head's banging and I figured out it might stop if I bang back and that is what the kid did.
If you're a pussy it's not easy to give yourself a hand since being helpful is a handful for a pussy and therefore too much asked.

The kid was willing, grinned and smashed me against the wall.
Good news. The wall fell apart and the bang left through the hole. Who had ever thought about that.
It was bigger as expected so it had to force itself a way out.
I guess that's what happens if you don't dare to ask for help you jave to force yourself a way out.
It started with a soft sound next it turned into a loud bang and once big it started to rule my life. If it eas your I wouldn't care but I am different.

I felt much lighter and before I knew I started to flow and drifted away into the direction the big bang went.
"Are we still connected", I thought because cats don't speak and the kid didn't keep its promise to teach me how to talk.
Since I had nothing else planned it was good to go with the glow. I was surrounded by air it didn't hurt me like the guy without a face who refused to wear a mask but still saw clearly although you couldn't see him.
"It's the invisible man," the big bang said I accidentally ran into. We both fell on the ground. Me on my feet because that is what cats do,.
"Break a leg", were the last word BB said to me after it disappeared in a space that sucked its face and made the invisible man complete.
He groaned and so did I. I did not only break one leg but four.
"Cats should not land on their feet but belly", the guy with the face said. He was right I experienced that.

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