Bad boy and ladder


Rian is bad child. Almost all of his friends have been bullied. All have felt his misbehavior. Various ways he did start just simply shocked or even fell into the gutter. This mischief made him shunned by his friends.
One afternoon Rian saw Gambut carrying a ladder. Rian saw Gambut putting up a ladder to climb. Turns out he was repairing the roof of the house roof. Some tiles dropped. He also cleaned the leaves and fruit that fell on the roof. At that time rambutan was bearing heavy fruit.
Rian saw an opportunity to prank on Gambut.
After Gambut is on the roof and busy working. Rian took the ladder and moved the ladder to the rambutan tree beside the house. He uses the stairs to pluck rambutan. Rian who can't climb trees can finally pick rambutan. He remained silent in the tree while enjoying rambutan.
Meanwhile Gambut which has finished cleaning the roof also plucks rambutan from the roof. but when he was going down he realized the ladder he was using didn't exist. Luckily at that time there was Dino who was playing below.
"Dino, do you see the ladder or not?"
"No sir."
"Try to look at the side of the house, if there is please bring it here."
"Yes, Sir."
Dino immediately went to the side of the house. He saw a ladder leaning against the rambutan tree. Dino did not see anyone there. Meanwhile Rian who was in the tree did not realize that the stairs he was using were taken by Dino. He was too absorbed in enjoying rambutan in the tree.
Dino immediately took the ladder and took him to Gambut.
"You put the foot of the ladder on the mound. Then push it slowly toward me."
Dino followed Gambut's orders. Finally the stairs can stand and the peat comes down with a lot of rambutan.
"Dino, take this and take it home," said the peat while giving a bundle of richer rambutan. Dino looked so happy,
Meanwhile, in rambutan tree, Rian only realized that the stairs that he used to go up didn't exist. He already wants to go down. Especially at that time many ants began to attack him. He wants to go down but he is also afraid of heights. He could climb a tree with the help of a ladder but now he can't go down because the ladder he used didn't exist.
Initially he was upset because he felt being bullied. But then he remembered that he was also disturb on Gambut. Rian gets sad thinking about that. Rian wants to go down without ladder but he is afraid of falling and getting hurt. Because it can't go down. he finally cried and asked for help.
"Help me, Please!" He tried to scream but no one heard it.
At that time Rian was desperate for help, Gambut came out because he heard Rian's scream.
"What are you doing there, Rian?"
Rian was relieved.
"I want to go down but I'm afraid."
"Alright, I'll get the stairs to go down."
Gambut took the stairs and leaned on the rambutan tree. Finally Rian can go down.
Rian told the truth and apologized for what he had done. Gambut forgives and asks not to be repeated again.

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