Esteem mobile release - Hive! 🙋🙌😎


We are thrilled to share long waited update for our mobile apps iOS and Android! Desktop application was released couple days ago with full Hive support.

Get Esteem - Hive Mobile on AppStoreGet Esteem - Hive Mobile on Google Play

It means a lot to see your like new changes and continue to support. We have number of posts in pipeline to talk about some of the key changes and vision behind them. Stay tuned for that, now here are short list of changes.

What's new in 2.2.5

  • Logo and brand visual updates
  • Library updates for Hive chain support
  • Hivesigner integration
  • Better error log messages
  • Fix estimated value
  • Fix remaining asset names
  • Default server lists for Hive
  • Translation updates
  • URL scheme update, hive:// added
  • Fix new user feed for infinite loading
  • API changes
  • Added HBD convert
  • Added get ESTM for HIVE and HBD
  • Enable Chinese simplified and traditional
  • Updates on render library
  • Comment long press and image/link click improvements
  • Fixed comment image/link clicks and long press 1.5s
  • Fix key props products
  • Notification bug and touch/click fixes
  • Fix purchase listing issue
  • Fix status login Android
  • Community tags, avatar to local
  • Table markdown issue fix
  • Activity navigate to wallet/boost screen
  • Remove reblog filter from notifications
  • Hivesigner safearea
  • Spin notification text update
  • Ukrainian corrected

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Get Esteem Mobile on AppStoreGet Esteem Mobile on Google Play


Google PlayStore: update is taking longer than usual.

Direct APK file available here on official Github release page
Note: APK file is unoptimized version and size is bigger: ~22.3 MB.
We expect, PlayStore review will be done in a day or two because it is already 3rd day.

Together, we build the future! ❤️ 🚀

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