My Wednesday walk through the Guaramacal National Park.



It is in my participation for this week's challenge on Wednesday's walk organized by @tattoodjay and with the collaboration of @elizacheng with Make me Smile.

Mountain of many trees.

Mountain of many trees. I share my walk with this Natural lagoon that serves as a mirror to the vegetation that reigns there. It is a space that appreciates the high mountains and a humid forest.

Highlighting a lagoon recognized by its inhabitants as Los Cedros.

We enjoy a cool environment, which varies depending on the height and time of day.


For the protection of this area where we can enjoy a natural lung, in the Cordillera de los Andes the Guaramacal Park was created in 1988.


On our tour, we stumbled upon Quebrada Segovia, natural creation of rivers that connect the Boconó river, enjoying a great diversity of vegetation and a very cool river to take small barefoot walks feeling the textures of its rocks and stones that were like a relaxing massage.


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