Pulmonaria officinalis

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Pulmonaria officinalis, common names lungwort, Mary's tears or Our Lady's milk drops, is a herbaceous rhizomatous evergreen perennial plant of the genus Pulmonaria, belonging to the family Boraginaceae.

The basal leaves are green, cordate, more or less elongated and pointed and always with rounded and often sharply defined white or pale green patches.

In spring, the plant produces small bunches of flowers. The 5-petals flowers are red or pink at first, later turn to blue-purple.

It grows in deciduous and beech mixed forests from the lowlands to the mountains. It prefers fresh and shady areas.

The leaves of the P. officinalis, with other plants are used for strengthening, and for this purpose we use fresh juice squeezed from the leaves or the whole plant. Pulmonaria officinalis is an integral part of all teas and syrups for lung diseases, and it helps with young and old people as well as with lighter and more serious health conditions.