Birds in the park

Saturday was sunny and warm day. We went in the local park to walk the dog, keeping a distance from other people. But now we think to walk it in short distance. I am afraid next days if the measures become more strict because of the Corona Virus, there will be less or no new photos.

Edit - I sarted the post on Sunday, but now I am at home and I will work from here this and next week. Although the situation is changing and so are the measures and restrictions, we are not yet forced to stay only at home. I may be still able to make photos while walking the dog.

I have just bought new lens for my camera and I can start making better photos of the birds. Of course I need practice but I wish to show you the first photos I made this Saturday.

I start with the woodpecker. The kit lens does not allow to capture well the little bird. The focal length is not enough. Therefore the new lens 55-250 is giving me better chance. However I still did cropping to bring the image of the bird clearer. I loose some of the quality and now I can see the photos need more sharpness. On the other hand cropped images are not the same size either. Something I have to think about when cropping. I did some edits by lifting the shadows and here we are with my new set of bird photos

Let's start with this one, which is my contribution to Appreciate Beauty of Nature with @phortun: round 4


With the next photos I also contribute to the Amazing Nature Contest run by @adalger.
More about and how to participate you can find here - Amazing Natue Contest


Incredible woody can stand upside down and still continue pecking.


I am happy to see that their population in the neighborhood does not decrease and we see them almost every day not only in the park but basically everywhere.












I was so impatient to collect as many photos as possible in one go. The woodpecker was so busy pecking and stayed much longer at one place.

I am not sure if I can identify it correctly, because there are few species very similar and therefore I could easily be mistaken. But from now on with the practice I hope to have more photos and better chance to tell you what kind of woodpecker this is.

Anyways, we have developed the habit while outside to hear carefully the specific sound the woodpecker is making along with the knocking. Also it is very distinctive while flying. It is like diving.

Another bird I captured that day is this little one. Honestly I don't know how it is called. Does anyone know?



And I will finish with the crow, marching on the ground. Noisy and not very attractive birds they might be, but they are very inteligent.


The birds no matter big or small are interesting to observe. I wish I had more time to spend watching them in park.


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Also I am proud member to #featheredfriends community, thanks to @melinda010100.


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