WATCH: Roger Waters Mocks and Dehumanizes Jews Who Accuse Him of Antisemitism

Roger Waters has been invited back on to Russia's RT, one of his favorite news stations, to discuss the campaign to deplatform him from SXSW, as well as his ads being pulled from Major League Baseball.

His responses are the usual lie-filled rants, but his comments on the infamous inflatable pig with the Star of David particularly stood out for me.

Note how Waters claims the crescent moon is also on the pig yet Muslims have not complained about it to him. While I have never seen a photo of the pig with this symbol on it, I cannot say definitively he is lying here, since I have never been to any of his concerts and it is possible other pigs he uses do contain it. Be that as it may, is Waters not aware of how many Muslims have reacted to cartoons of Muhammad, for instance? In much more extreme fashion than us Jews have reacted to his pig.

Not only that, but the accusations of antisemitism are based not only the Star of David on the pig; when viewed with his singling out of the world's only Jewish state, it certainly does seem like a manifestation of contempt for the Jewish people. Add to that all the other indications, and the belief he is a rabid antisemite is a reasonable one.

His mocking - and dehumanizing - those of us who believe him to be one as "bleating and whining" and comparable to buzzing flies does not help matters, and indicates a lack of compassion for the Jewish people, who have been on the receiving end of persecution for thousands of years.

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