Looking for a little jscript help getting KeyChain to work nicely with Python and Flask

I'm hard at work building what I think could be a huge app for Hive and Podcasting. It's a version of value for value as proposed by Podcasting 2.0 on @podcastindex.

I'm up to my eyeballs in Flask and Python, which I've been learning like crazy for a few weeks now. I know I'll probably need proper devs later, but for now, I want to get to MVP myself.

I'm getting on quite well but I'm completely stumped by jscript and Hive Keychain.

I need someone to help me write the minimum necessary jscript that I can put on any page within my Jinja2 template which will talk to Hive Keychain. That jscript has to somehow send signals back to my Flask Python code via the requests that come back after a page is submitted (or whatever other method works).

I need these minimal functions:

  • Check a user has a posting key
  • Ask user for posting permission
  • Give a user a fund transfer transaction to make (either HBD or Hive)

Please leave a comment if you think you can give me a bit of help. This may well lead to a paying gig if I can get this going.