Podcasting 2.0 and the Hive global notification system

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I'm proposing a solution to a global problem for the entire independent podcasting industry with Hive in the middle: a reliable way for podcast hosting companies to announce new episodes. This is the first half of the Podcasting 2.0 Dev meeting from last night where I presented my very rudimentary Python to a team of non-Hive and non-blockchain Devs.

Whenever a podcast host has a podcast that updates, they send a custom json to Hive. Anyone can then run the corresponding watcher program that just looks for custom JSONs with the right ID and from the allowed list of podcast host announcers. Job done. They were talking about building some massive complex web of servers and DNS failover and everything and I showed them 20 lines of python that are basically the whole thing!

We're going to try a pilot out probably with @podcastindex fronting the Hive bit with an API but the goal will be to get some pretty serious podcast hosting companies (in the level blow Spotify but maybe even up to them) using this signaling system which will cut down massively on the RSS traffic but still be decentralised.

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