If I tell you a name like Marcus Letho's, maybe it doesn't tell you anything, but what if I tell you that he is the co-creator of the Halo saga? there already the thing changes. Well, this man along with his new studio V1 Interactive bring us Disintegration, a new competitive online game that we have been able to play through its closed beta during this past week. ┬┐What can Disintegration offer compared to others? Let's see it.

We are facing a multiplayer first-person shooter as has been usual in the genre, although here we have a couple of new features that make a little difference with respect to its competitors: first, we operate a kind of combat ship that we can move In all directions and second, we will have touches of strategy in real time. These two points will make the difference between one game and another.

Through the tutorial that will come out the first time we start the game, we will do the handling of the ship and all its options. Our vehicle will have various functions such as shooting, boosting-which has been the dash of a lifetime-or the ability to go up or down in height. It will also show us the strategy part, where we will have a group of foot soldiers at our disposal to whom we can give orders at any time. By pressing the R1/RB button, our units will move to the point where we have our sights set and with them we will be able to carry out actions such as sending them to kill the enemy, hacking systems or picking up objects, although of course we can also take part in the battle with our aircraft.


Online matches will lead to 5v5 player battles divided into two teams. The beta character roster allowed us to test up to seven different "classes", each with their own durability/speed/handling stats and their own personal weapons. It also allowed us to get skins for the characters and ships obtained with money that we will earn playing games and overcoming challenges.


Already involved in gameplay, it must be said that I found it quite convincing. Both the handling of the aircraft and the gunplay seemed very smooth, being necessary to take into account the inertia of the movement when making turns or aiming. I was able to easily take out a few rivals, and that is something worth admiring in someone like me who is sorry about online games. Only a single playable scenario based on a ruined city was available, this map was totally labyrinthine and had several caches, the truth is that I saw it as ideal for the type of game we are facing and at least allows a little field to the Novice player with no need to be killed as soon as he reappears. A curiosity is that it is possible to change classes after each death, so it is not necessary to keep a single fixed team for the rest of the game.

There were two game modes that the beta offered us: the first was the "zone control" mode in which we had to capture a series of specific points on the map and keep them under our position for as long as possible to win. The second mode was called "Retrieval", a variant of the classic "catch the flag" in which we had to send our soldiers to collect the core of a reactor and transport it to our area. It is not easy to win in these modes, since the soldiers die easily with few attacks, thus reducing our chances, although after a few seconds of respawn we can resurrect any of our fallen units by collecting their corpse from the ground.


In conclusion, from the impressions received, I can say that Disintegration has a game system that we could describe as "novel", but that is not a guarantee that it will succeed in a market plagued with multiplayer games in which people already have their longtime favorites. For now, having behind the creator of the most relevant shooter saga of the last decade makes expectations high, but only time -and the players- will decide its success.