Music A to Z Challenge #A

Hi everyone!

Music A to Z is my new Challenge!

  • Each day one alphabet letter, 2 Bands or Singer, one song of each Band or Singer.
  • Your feelings about Bands or Singers.
  • Link to the songs.

I will post YouTube link to musics that may not be able in your country, sorry for that. If someone knows how to do this in other way please let me know.

This is my challenge, use the hastag #a-zmusic and participate!



Memories of the Australian rock band AC/DC comes from my teenage times! For me AC/DC is the pure Rock and Roll 🤟
I will choose "Back in Black" that it may not be my preferred music from AC/DC but is definitely the music that more reminds my AC/DC teenage.


Amy Winehouse

What a voice what a talent!
In Any Winehouse I like her (unfortunately tragic) madness and her husky soulful voice.
For me a tragic and earlier huge loose to the world music.
I will choose "Valerie".

Join us!