31 sentence story contest: Rehan's Quest

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Rehan's Quest
Growing up as an atheist made it difficult for Rehan to fit into his new found faith. Before his conversion, he made engagement into series of discussion to whom is this Jesus, most of the answers he got weren't satisfactory. Rehan being a scientist needed fact for everything he likely will meshed. Since it wasn't scientifically proven. Rehan decided to travel to a city not far from his home town to study more about this Jesus.He searched through several repository of books,reading them gradually through. Surprisingly. Rehan came across a documentary that's says "Jesus was black", with the evidence that Jesus grew up in Egypt which was an African country, he found it hilarious but kept on. "This author must be a racist" he said, as the documentary gave more detail pointing to the race.

Judging from movies Rehan had watched of Jesus, he had never seen a black Jesus. His earliest research wasn't on the complexion of Jesus, he wanted to know more about the faith he has come to believe. But seeing the documentary describe Jesus as black made him want to know more on that. So Rehan decided to visit a pastor on this regard with lot of questions piled up to the biblical history of Jesus as recorded from old. "Pastor", Rehan called, "what do you know about this Jesus, His origin and to whether Jesus was dark in complexion". " Let's pray", the pastor replied," teach us about you, and your son who you really is, we are limited in knowledge, guide us through your awesome word, Amen".

" Rehan", the pastor said " Jesus was born in Bethlehem and grew up in Egypt but of His complexion, I know not". " Tell me". The pastor said." Is the complexion more important to you"." There is more to Jesus than to His complexion". " The purpose to which he came to Earth".

Rehan said," I read from a documentary few days ago that Jesus was black and I have continually prayed using black Jesus but i feel it's wrong". The pastor felt that was funny, he wondered who must have wrote such documentary and how he had known Jesus to describe Him black. Rehan felt relieved and determined never to be deceived again. That Jesus was a black man. He stayed longer with the pastor to know more of the faith he had come to love and what really matters in the faith now.

After some days, Rehan travelled to his home town happy to have learned. He sat at meal with his family and his wife led the prayer "Dear black Jesus" she started, Rehan chuckled, his wife must have come across some documentary he thought. Just after the prayers, Rehan responded "Dear historically correct Black Jesus" then laughed sheepishly." I made same mistake". "No one knows His complexion and it really doesn't matter, what matters is who Jesus was and is, whenever we pray, just say Dear Jesus not Dear black Jesus".