The 31 sentence contest-The cursed

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I watched your son fight very well today. He fought very tough. The news of her son's death was more perturbing than his proclaimed bravery. "You said you were his commander right?". You used my son has a shield to avoid the coming bullet right,? She asked piercingly.

"Why was it my son who died instead of you? Isn't that why you're a commander?" She couldn't prevent the tears. " Tell me, why are you silent"?. She shook him holding him tightly in his military khaki, but he remained silent then gave him a slap. He clearly understood her pain.

She cleaned off the tears that has now filled her eyes. Looking him with anger in her eyes, she laid him a curse. "Just the same way you have separated me from my son, the same way will God separate you from your mum", she said. Her words left him deeply wounded , still he remained silent.

He knew nothing about his mum, his dad has told him she left him unnoticed. Ever then, he has been in search of her but here again being cursed to be separated. Separated from her forever, tears rolled down his cheeks, he had no blame over her son's death in the battle. Why this?.

He went home but couldn't find rest as the voice of the woman whom son died in the battle kept ringing his mind, he longed to be reconnected to his mum. He could feel his hope being shattered like a tree that was being uprooted from it source, and he thought to visit a lady who has been imprisoned.

He sat mute, and the lady said, "sir Roderick, you haven't said a word, what do you think is going to happen to you when you died?. Though shocked to have been faced with a question that challenged his thought, he felt it was better. Better to be dead than live forever cursed, like a tree that looks flourishing in the outside but dead within, living with a curse for life.


And she moved closer to him, dragging the chains. "Isn't death more preferable than living a life of misery, when all one ever seek for is forever taken away from him?" He asked. " What then is the essence of life when all hope is lost, whatever you believe is what happens to you" she said. That words seem to be all he needed to give him faith once again.

"Do you still have hope as a prisoner? I noticed your smile has never fainted since you were detained,why is this"? He asked her. "Because , I know my battle for life is still on, only the death has seen the end of war, so I will keep fighting until I no longer see war".

As Roderick held her hands, he saw the bracelet his dad has told him he gave to his mum and she had stayed almost 25years in prison, he asked. "Are you aashiqui"?.

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