PhotoFeed Contest #3- People Photography

Mein Beitrag4.png


Hey Photography Community!

After another successful contest round I want to introduce you Round 3 of our series with this weeks theme - People Photography.
On our twitter poll we had a draw between wildlife/people - So we will start with "People Photography" this week and continue with "Wildlife Photography" next week!





Any picture which includes People counts (Street, Portrait, Culture etc.)


  • 1 image per user
  • Post your image below in the comments
  • No nudity
  • Only your own original images

Winner Voting


The winners will be voted by the community. You can simply upvote your favorite pictures in the comments (I recommend to use 1% votes as not the value but the number of votes count)

  • Users can vote as many pictures as they like
  • Min. Rep (50) to vote
  • No Selfvotes
  • Fair voting (Don't invite people to vote for your image)


Photofeed will provide 10 HIVE for every round. The prize pool can increase if people Tip on this post.
Peakd offers the feature to Send tip's for posts. 100% of the tipped Hive on this post will directly go into the prizepool. The more people tip - The higher the prizepool will be.

150%5 Hive + Tip
230%3 Hive + Tip
320%2 Hive + Tip


Current Tip Pool: 20 HIVE (updated every 24h)

Good luck to everyone 📸