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It too late for this time is Thursday but I like to share my #wednesdaywalk tonight and I can't wait another week without my story.

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It is the continuation of my vacation adventure last January 2019.

I am the eldest among my siblings and before I went back here, I need to see all my siblings living in different places. My younger brother in Cebu while working.

I said goodbye to my parents and two younger sisters. That was the hardest moment but everything has a reason why I must leave them.

My last day in the mountain of my parents.

Roaming around our town with my brother from the mountain to the sea. It was how I spent my last day. I knew it will take how many years again to be back once again.

Riding a single motorcycle from the mountain to the downtown before the sunrise so I could reach the first batch trip by the fast craft ship moving to another city. (Bohol Philippines is a small Island and became a noted tourist spot worldwide.)

From Bohol, I was moving to Cebu City by sea. Cebu City is the second-largest city in the Philippine next to Manila.

This is the port of Tubigon Bohol.

I was on board the yellow fast craft.

Before boarding the craft, I saw this fisherman.

I kept on taking pictures before the craft move on.

I was so sad at that time I left my family and also excited to see my brother in the City of Cebu.

We were on the fast craft but this commercial ship also was moving to Cebu City but they will arrive late than us. Fast craft moves faster for one hour only than the ship.

Arrival to the Port of Cebu

I arrived safely and my brother was not yet on the port. I kept on taking pictures waiting.

The city port had been changed and there were so many changes in the area.

I saw this small ship that travels around the other island.

It was the time of the Feast of Sto Nino. ( Sinulog 2019) The street was so busy and most of the main road was closed.

Catholic Church was celebrating the Sinulog Festival, the time I visited my brother.

Before going to the airport for the next destination, we had a memorable date with my youngest brother. He is one of the fruits of my sacrifices. He finished a 4 years course in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy with my support. He was also a working student to help me with his studies. This part made me smile. We are together before we went to Mactan International Airport for my flight to Mindanao.

This was part of my travel that I share in my #wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay and #makemesmile by @elizacheng.

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