Like a Peekaboo

What happens when we shield our loved ones so much that they grow up oblivious of how devious and wrong things really are? Is it really the best thing to do? Most of the times, it backfires, and the person is left shattered. Some choose to just observe and do nothing. What then?

This here is just some random musing. I hope it finds you well.


They told me life is pure joy and happiness
They made me think nothing is that serious
They showed me everything good and beautiful
I believed them because I loved them
I saw nothing for what it really was
I was happy till I grew up

I want to blame it all on them
I was a child after all
Going by just the rules set for me
Accepting anything and everything
Living by the things I hear rather than what’s real
But I know I’m to blame as much as them
I failed to ask the right questions

Now, all I do is hide
From the pain and disappointments
I’ve become too weak to face it all
I only observe from a window
Seeing everything in black and white
While wallowing in defeat

I need a saviour but I know it’s wasted
I cannot look anyone in the eye anymore
Failure is me as I am it
Even a miracle will not be good enough
I’m too ashamed to even try
The opening on my window is my safe haven

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