UnTitLeD ~ A Poem


There's a connection somewhere
To things that can't be seen or touched
It's sitting there, waiting patiently
But you can't reach it
Sometimes you wonder
If you aren't trying hard enough
If you are doing it all wrong

They say you can pray to a god
With head bowed
And eyes closed in concentration
But you have questions
So you keep your head straight
You look the god in the eye
While you await your answers

You're torn between touching
His feet for blessings
Kneeling with prayer beads between your fingers
Reading the holy book
And make offerings with oil lamps
Either way, you want answers

Perhaps the connection is a lie
The link non-existent
The world often creates a distraction
It feeds off the chaos and confusion
While bending people to it's will
This could all be true
Or maybe you're just delusional

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