I spent hours at the doctor's office waiting.

That was no fun. I had what I needed within 10 minutes but the waiting for the bus-kid's doctor took hours.
She always arrives one hour later as announced. We had to take a number which was 410.
I killed some time answering my commenters in between screaming kids and (grand)parents who did not look sick at all. My kid can not stand this noise and is good for a headache.

The doctor has a bad habit.
As soon as one patient entered her room she presses the button for the next... and the next.
And there we are all standing instead of sitting and hoping it is our turn soon.

As it finally was our turn she did her best.
Checked all kind of things we did not ask for (blood pressure 100-60) and we came for eczema on the eyelids and ended up in the pharmacy with 7 recipes and being ripped off.

Good for a bad mood and I have to make a new calculation for next month.
There are no savings to pay for this and I already have no budget left to buy food.
So I guess for the next month I can not pay/save for gas and electricity and put something aside for the wolves and

What has this all to do with the prompt "cleft"?
Nothing except it reminds me of the Dutch word " kleeft" (sticky) which can be caused by food - caramel for example - or SjΓΆgren disease (if your tongue cleaves to your palate your are not happy).

Time to get some cleft wood inside. Who knows I make a fire when I am finally back home.

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