Budget Color Cannibals


Stick a fork in me, I'm done! Marley took one last look at her beautiful hair turned bright green with disgust. It was billed as an alternative to expensive salon treatments and promised to make her locks into gorgeous curls that shimmered and shone with highlights of differing shades. She patted her eyes to remove the black mascara streaks resulting from crying for the last two hours.

The bottles didn't say they included color cannibals instead. What good was the money back guarantee if she had to be seen at Mary's wedding with green hair??

She patted the towel after her third washing and the green was even brighter.

Well, she thought. I'll match my dress! She made an appointment to get it cut short and rummaged through her jewelry for some gold to go with it. Maybe they'll think she's the hired entertainer. Pulling some big black shades on she strode to the door for her car.


This is my five minute freewrite using prompt cannibals.
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