My Favourite Thursday by @marblely #ccc 2.33

Have a wonderful day ahead to all my dear friends!

The kind of job I have is making all the household chores. It's hard to choose what is my favorite because I love what I am doing every day. I am making all of these since I came here as a domestic helper.

Since @marblely is asking me now so I oblige to answer her question. I think it over and over on what I have to write and finally decided that cooking is the favorite of all.

Why I love cooking?

For some reason, when I cook and feel hungry, I can eat quickly. You can't do your job well if we are hungry so early in the morning, I start cooking breakfast, clean the kitchen and fix everything before going to my next schedule. I remember my grandmother told me that the look of the kitchen cleanliness will reflect how your life is going through.

I love cooking ang exploring many kinds of recipes. In terms of cooking, it will be an easy household chore. During the Ramadan month, most of my time is in cooking. Early in the morning, I will be preparing all that I need so I could cook the food quickly in the afternoon. I am not cooking for only one recipe but a lot of recipe in one day. Then I should have a new recipe every day for the whole month. To be honest, when I was in my country before, I never know how to cook. Yes, of course, I know it basically with our daily normal days. But since I came here, I learned a lot about cooking and baking. Once I saw my friends cooking or baking, I could not afford not trying doing it myself. I must try it and eager to make it better.

Yesterday, early in the morning, my lady boss told me that we will be having a barbecue in the playground at night. Yes, I also missed it. It has been one year ago since we had it. They love staying most of the night time now in the playground because of the night coldness.

So happy preparing the place for our picnic-like dinner with barbecue.

Cats were so lucky, they were the first one who stays on the newly covered bed.

I marinated the chicken thigh and lamb meat in the morning set aside and cooked it at night.

I enjoyed my cooking as I was started lighting the charcoal. The heat of the fire gave warmth to my body.

I grilled first the eggplant. It will be mixed with yogurt, liquid tahina, salt, and garlic.

Getting ready all the meat.

Wow! The aroma made me hungry. It smells so yummy.

My employer's family were enjoying drinking coffee and dancing while I was busy grilling. The cat smells the food and kept on turning around and around on my feet.

I kept all the barbecue while waiting for the eldest daughter to come home.

I was sitting down and saw the three big lights from the top of the house.

To eliminate the odor of the food, I made an incense.

Boiling water for the tea after the dinner.

I made everything ready. I was so sleepy and I went upstairs and ate my food. I felt so cold when there was no fire anymore. They were still waiting for the eldest daughter to come.

when I finished eating, I looked down watching them from the balcony and saw them enjoying their meal.

I enjoyed my time of cooking last night. I felt so accomplished when they ate all that I cooked. Cooking and eating are my favorite and you can see how my body transformation. I need to have a diet and control my food intake. I want ftto join the #hasil2020 initiated by @davidke20 and @wakeupkitty but I think it will remain a dream to my part today. I could hardly post now a day. The signal int room became worst since the day they are an extension for the third floor.

Last time, when I lay down I could do my steemit life but now the signal is so bad so I sleep without doing nothing in posting.

This is my entry for @marblely's initiative. Thank you, my dear, and have a nice day!

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