What do I do with... basic ingredients?

My basic ingredients are flour, oil, and sugar
I do not need eggs to bake pancakes or a cake. I do not need eggs to bake cookies. Eggs are a luxury and if you don't have it you can perfectly make, bake, something good.

The flour I mainly use to bake pancakes and cake.
It's the easiest way to have something to eat many like. As years passed by I learned many ingredients I could not afford, ingredients that made me stop baking, are not necessary at all.
I skipped the milk and next to the eggs in my pancake recipe. With water and flour only you can bake great pancakes. All the other ingredients add something extra. If that extra is needed depends on how you eat your pancake. Ours are big and today I will fill them with the left spaghetti sags and some cheese. They will look more like a wrap. It tastes good and no one will miss the pinch of salt or the egg.

My cake is made with flour, sugar and sunflower oil. I add some salt and some baking flour. More isn't needed. I can add cocoa, peaches, apple, cinnamon, lemon, etc to change the taste but the basic is the same. A few times I baked a cake without baking flour. You still have a cake it just doesn't rise as much as usual. If you use eggs you might not even see the difference.


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