Am I Defi-ing right?

I sent some ETH to Binance and I bought some BNB on Binance yesterday. Not a lot, but some.

I then followed the instructions on CubFinance Docs to show Binance network on my Metamask.

So far so good. I moved 0.12 ETH to Binance and bought BNB which I transferred back to Metamask, this time on the BSC Mainnet.

This is where things got a bit weird because this is what Metamask was showing me yesterday.

I'm Rich!

However it wasn't showing my 0.74 BNB which was somewhat disappointing.

I soldiered on, connected to CubDefi and did Defi stuff. I'm not entirely sure what I did, but this morning when I got my airdrop of something like 16 CUB I did more Defi and I think my Cub is Defi-ing right now. There's a box I can see that says "Farms and Staking and it says I have 0.532 CUB to Harvest so that means I'm doing Defi, right? Oh, wait, it says 0.535 now.

Fees! You want FEES? You can't handle the FEES!

Meanwhile, however, back in my Lambo saving plan Metamask my ETH balance has crashed! So don't let anyone tell you CUB fees are reasonable because by my maths (I'm an Israeli-African now but I grew up in Britain so I say maths) my Defi-ing this morning cost me about 1171.7274 ETH (which is just shy of 10 Lamborghini Huracan Evo's!)

I'm less rich!

I'm crushed!

I can barely afford one Huracan STO 2022!


If anyone does know how to fix my Metamask display issue, do let me know!

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