MCO going away and being replaced by CRO


Update Tue 4th August : have drastically cut the staking tiers so now they're slightly lower than before instead of being 3 times higher! See end of post

I'm in the process of getting my card which wasn't exactly plain sailing because, whilst I have a UK bank account and address, I'm mostly in Israel. I've finally got them to issue me a card (I think) and now they've sent an email which drastically increases the amount you need to stake to get the various card levels.

This is the Swap rate before Sept 3rd (1 month)

And these are the card staking tiers.

Clearly if they're increasing the stake by 100x and only giving 33x there's a shortfall.

It's possible that the collapse of Wirecard indicated that the previous deal was a bit too good to be true, just wondering what others will be doing.

Update: what this means if you have staked already:

Will my MCO stake also be swapped under the MCO Swap program? What happens to my MCO staking benefits?
Yes, your MCO stake will be converted at the MCO Swap Rate. However, the existing staking benefits that you enjoyed before performing the swap will remain unchanged.

To illustrate, if you have staked 500 MCO before performing the swap, your 500 MCO stake will be converted into a 13,820 CRO stake. You will continue to enjoy the same benefits (e.g. 3% cashback, Spotify and Netflix rebates, among others). If you decide to un-stake your CRO, 13,820 CRO will be returned to your CRO Wallet.

As highlighted the example above, you do not have to stake more CRO to retain your staking benefits (to reach the 50,000 CRO tier). However, If you decide un-stake your 13,820 CRO stake, you will have to re-stake the full 50,000 CRO to regain the same benefits.

Updated staking levels:


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