Some thoughts on #probtc and this story about and its Telegram channel

This story about #probtc, and Telegram on @blocktvnews got me thinking:

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Telegram is a completely useless space for a community. I know this because I migrated @tommyrobinson onto Telegram as a push notification alternative to Facebook and Twitter after he was evicted from both those platforms. Tommy's Telegram grew quickly to 50k though it has fallen back down to around 42k now. With numbers like that there is no way to run an open chat.

Once we gave Tommy Telegram on his phone, he was able to deliver updates direct which was all I wanted from it. We added the comment facility because it was available but almost from the start it was a mess. There are very few tools for moderation and honestly those of us working with Tommy know it isn't the place for a community of the kind we did have on Facebook centred on Tommy's content.

Facebook made discussing Tommy Robinson a banable offence (unless you're being negative about him as was confirmed by a Facebook spokesman) which means it is obviously useless.

I'm really hoping we will be able to get things moving on a Steem Community (which will be entirely dependent on how the on-boarding of casual, non-crypto savvy users is handled. In the meantime we might just set up a standard web based forum on our own servers.

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