ARCHON governance continues to be developed!

We have been reporting to you about ARCHON, a new Open Governance Tribe that supports open sourced projects, community backed initiatives and other open, voluntary and experimental activities.

Another of these has been released, and we are opening it up to the ARCHON community to participate, on a volutary basis, in the growing of the governance account, @archon-gov

Already tracking is happening, with governance power and post voting being tracked (and governance voting in alpha testing!) Now, @taskmanager has announced that the voting accounts will be watching for posts with a 5% beneficiary (or more) to the governance account.

There is a growing army of accounts and automation with ARCHON!


As we reported here, ARCHON's first game, @doubledice takes bets in multiple tokens, including SIM and HUSTLER, and proceeds go to burning ARCHON.

Come and join this OPEN tribe, where the limits to what we can build are our imagination!

Remember to buy an ARCHONM miner or stake some ARCHON to your account to participate in the GP - Governance Power. If you post a snap of a purchase or powerup that was motivated by this post, we are likely to power you up some ARCHON to celebrate!

This world needs open, cooperative and collaborative systems, experimental places to build and grow the human experience.

Let's build a better world. together!

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