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The Splinterlands team has started an initiative and its called Show Your Battle Contest. Every week the team picks a theme and asks us Monster Manaics to showcase some battles that are in line with that theme. This weeks theme is .......


One night when the moons were full, the renegades of the Lunta Kalna performed a secret and powerful ritual. Their ceremony called forth forces of wind, rain and hail; for the first time ever in recorded history, there was a hailstorm in Draykh-Nahka. Except it wasn’t only hail that fell from the sky that night. There were also a small number of strange Cubes that seemed to be alive. They have the look of ice, but upon contact with most objects, the surface of the Cube turns to jelly and absorbs the object, rather noisily. It is assumed that this is how the Cubes eat. When attacked, Gelatinous Cubes can make their outer shell as hard as solid ice for a short time. They can also alter their size to some degree, swelling up and increasing their power, depending on how much they have absorbed that day. Lore taken from official Splinterlands site.


Edition: REWARD

Rarity: COMMON
Element: NEUTRAL
Current Trade Value: $0.02*

The Battle

This battle took place in the novice league (all monsters at level 1). The battle itself had a MANA cap of 17 and was played in the game mode Silent Summoners (summoners give no stat buffs). Due to the silent summoner rule set I decided to use the Earth Splinters Epic Summoner XANDER FOXWOOD.


One spring day in Anumün, a tiny (but egotistical) Pixie named Xander Foxwood buzzed into Summoner’s Green during one of the Magi’s summoner classes. He insisted that in spite of his size and lack of experience, he could summon circles around anyone in the group. A few practice battles proved Xander correct, and now he is one of the leading summoners of Anumün. Lore taken from official Splinterlands site.

For the battle shared above I went with the line up of Gelatinous Cube / Creeping Ooze / Brownie / Magi Of The Forest / Enchanted Pixie and Furious Chicken. My opponent also decided to use the Earth Splinter and I was up against the team of, Flesh Golem / Furious Chicken / Cocatrice / Goblin Sorcerer and Earth Elemental.

Admittedly this is my first time using the Gelantinous Cube (I have heard plenty of good things about it). The scavenger ability it has sure did come in handy in the battle above but in the end my inexperience with the Cube and picking proper line ups for it let me down as I got whooped in battle.

In hindsight I should have swapped the positions of Magi Of Forrest and Enchanted Pixie. I'm not sure if it would of done much good as my opponents team would of still likely of won. Overall, even though I lost the battle I gained some knowledge. That knowledge is the Gelatinous Cube is one awesome card that can currently be attained for just pennies.

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Scavenger Gains 1 max health each time any monster dies.

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