Suggestions For Splinterland Leagues (Tournament Suggestions As Well)

It looks like the devs and team of Splinterlands will be applying changes to the league format and Splinterland players were asked for feedback in the form of a post.

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands (also known as Steemmonsters) is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. You can start investing in or playing Splinterlands by clicking here.

Suggestion ... Multi Leagues!

Being the best Bronze/Silver/Gold and Diamond players would be a great achievement to brag about but sadly we don't have a way to find out who is the best in each respective division. Multi Leagues will provide us with such information.

How to implement

  • (1) Create a league for each division (Novice-Champion). Allow players to pick which league to join before starting their journey in the league. Once an active season ends and a new season starts, players can once again pick which league to join.


  • We get to find out who the best players in each division are
  • Creates more winners
  • Such a format will cut back on the amount of Champion players a Novice player will have to battle
  • Will keep players playing longer (currently some stop playing to avoid ranking too high and facing opponents they have no chance against)
  • Competition, friendly and fun rivalries made between those trying to best each other to be the best in each division.
  • Most who play this game can't/won't spend thousands. Allowing them to be the best in X league (bronze) may encourage them to take the leap to play the next higher up league (Silver). When they decide to take that leap they will need to level their cards to be competitive which is good for everyone.
  • Other?


  • Possibly none existent prizes in the lowest of leagues (novice)
  • Current league prizes likely will be spread out across multi leagues
  • Our player base might not be able to sustain a league for each division
  • Other?

Other League Ideas with a similar premise

  • (2) As noted our player base might not be able to sustain a league for each "division" (Novice-Champion). To combat this we can combine some of the divisions in one league. For example Novice and Bronze can be a league of its own, Diamond and Champion can also be combined to have a league of its own.

  • (3) Piggybacking of what was just said, we can do away with the mindset of finding the best Novice, Bronze, Silver champions and create a beginners / ammeture and a pro league. The pro league is where the majority of the prizes will be awarded.

Using the current league prizes and spreading them accross three different leagues as follows:

(A) Beginners League: 10% of current prizes
(B) Ammeture Leauge:40% of current prizes
(C) Pro League: 60% of current prizes

The beginners league has a very small portion of prizes for a reason and one of those reasons is to keep the prizes in the league unappealing to those who like to squeeze every penny they can out of this game thus helping keep the beginners league played among beginners.

Admittedly I have been pro multi league for sometime so I'm sure there's some cons I'm forgetting to mention. I also typed this up in a hurry and there's likely some pros in which I left out of the list above as well.

Tournament Suggestion

Since I'm tossing out suggestions and we recentlly got introduced a new tournament format in which allows us to create and play tournaments using just the UNTAMED collection I figured I toss some tournament suggestions in the mix here as well. These new tournament changes (I believe) will be good for the game and current player base but .....

.....This is not good ....

From 3/4/2020 to 3/6/2020 (10 Tournaments) Beta collectors only have one game in which we can play. Alpha collectors only have two in which they can play. I'm hoping this is an oversight and will be adjusted. Not everyone wants to have full collections of each edition in order to play tournaments daily. There should be a sufficient amount of games on offer each day in which all editions are able to play. Currently it looks like UNTAMED is taken over the tournament schedual when instead the games that only allow UNTAMED (or any other edition) should be the minority.

Other Tournament Suggestions

Lets mix things up a little. Splinterlands is lots of fun to play but the same tournament format can get stale. Things can be mixed up a little in various ways.

(1) Turbo tournaments in which players get 30-60 seconds to pick their team. This is not a suggestion to replace the current format but to add some other variants.

(2) Sudden death format in which a player has XX seconds to finish picking their team after their opponent has submited theirs. Again not to replace the current format but to add in as some one off games so there's more than on tournament variant.

What Do You Think Of My Suggestions?

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