Morning, Noon and Night


Morning comes with a bleakness
Not of sorrow, forlorn or misery
I’ve known these feelings too well
Same way I know and recognise aloneness
No, this bleak is different
It begins in the stomach
A panic that the day will be spent grasping
Reaching for something unknown

But remembering it's passed
A warm feeling spreads
Slowly up to the chest
Because now, I have something beautiful
A thing I don’t yet have a name for

Afternoon begins with a cheerfulness
Not just of the sun and the singing birds
Or the branches swaying with the wind
A stomach feeling, you may wonder
Yes, it’s still there

But this time, it’s deeper
Trying to understand makes me dizzy
Trying to give it a name tightens my chest
So I stop and let it be
I let the warmth envelope me

Night approaches with uncertainty
My heart races because now it makes sense
I recognise the word I’m searching for
It's on the tip of my tongue
Struggling to break free

Love, yes! Love
I’m immersed in it I can hardly breathe
All my life I’ve wanted this
But now, I’m not too sure
It’s consuming me yet I’m not scared
This is one thing I don’t want to lose
Because it’s too good to be true
Because I’m finally in love

You have no idea what you do to me
I wake each morning with a hunger for you
But I smile because you’re right beside me
And it won’t be long for me to be sated
But that’s just before a new hunger begins
One that can’t be quenched
With cries and moans of ecstasy

Rather with an inner peace
One that comes with knowing I have something unique
Something I will cherish forever
While defiling time and distance

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