Wild Soul


I find peace within myself
Happy thoughts, smiling faces
I look for solitude and see it
Sitting quietly, waiting
Like it knows I'm around the corner

I stare at it for a long time
Holding my breath, impatient
It beckons like it always does
But in a different way
I could sense the easiness; ready

I find joy within my soul
Painless, effortless
I almost don't recognise it
Broken walls, dark places
All gone, like they never existed

I marvel at it's beauty
The simplicity, almost silly
I wonder where I was
Why I was so far gone
What I have missed

I find freedom like the wind
Roaming endlessly, harmlessly
I run with it like a wild child
Chasing balloons
Goofy, mischievous

I struggle with the contentment
With accepting how large my heart is
I hold tight to it
This new found feeling
And wish it never ends

I've been happy lately. Genuinely happy. Content too. All I can say is that a familiar soul has found mine. You know this completeness you feel when you connect. That's it. And somehow, I know it has come to stay.

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