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At the time of writing, I was at in a not so good place, so it was written with little darkness. You might probably never agree with the contents but if you look inwards, you will see that most of the words are true. I titled the piece;

Bitter truth

A place of laughter
Could bring tears to your face
Your place of comfort
Could in one second
Be uncomfortable like hell

A child was welcomed to earth today
With tears of joy from the parents
The baby grows to become a torn to the flesh
Bringing pains, sorrow and agony
Unleashing hell that made the parent wishing they were barren

Fake friends everywhere
What you can offer Is what they are after
Once you can't produce the goods or milk again
They drop you like a bad habit
And move on in search of the next prey

People change
Loyalty can be bought
Trust can be broken
Love could turn bitter
friends could become enemies

Nothing last forever
People die
Memories fade
Empires fall
And love disappears

The moment we have is now
Live each day like it's your last
So, have all the fun you can now
Because life is unpredictable
And tomorrow is not guaranteed

You won't always get what you wish for
yet you might suffer what you don't deserve
Teamwork is just another name for a coverup
Because in the end, it's all man for himself
Believe me when I say no one will carry your cross for you

Acting right and following the rules
Also paying your tithe
Doesn't guarantee you heaven
Life is not fair
The sooner you accept that, the better

So, therefore, live life like it's the last day
Don't depend on humans but God
Do Good and expect evil
That way nothing will throw you off balance
And you will be prepared for the worst

thank you