Last Days

Hello there! How's your weekend going?

I don't do thrillers often. I mean thriller fictions. But sometimes I make an exception. Here's one.

Do read, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did while writing it.


“Here is the map, Boss.”

Luke dropped the large piece of paper on the battered table. On it, was sketches of their next operation. He watched as his boss picked up the paper and studied it, his face expressionless. Luke had been thinking about quitting. He hadn't decided yet but it was likely that this might be his last operation. He'd been with the gang for six years and in that time they'd lost eight members, leaving four of them; two guys, a lady and the boss himself. This would be the first operation the boss would be going with them and since he refused to accept Luke’s resignation, Luke had resolved to finish him off and make it look like an accident.

“We'll hit by 9pm. Inform the others.”

“Yes, Boss.”

He left the room thinking about the gang. There was Crystal, The Queen. Very smart and beautiful. Since she'd joined them two years ago, she'd handled their getaways and hideouts after each job. He would convince her to come with him.

Then Richard, very cunning and sneaky. He had to be careful with that one. Maybe, he could talk Crystal into taking him down. He smiled at himself, feeling like a Shamus.


They arrived at the bank just before 9 o’clock. A few people queued in front of the Atmosphere. Silencer screwed on to gun barrel, Richard noiselessly took down the first security guard. Alarmed, the second guard rushed to his side. He was also gunned down. A woman let out a loud scream, just as pandemonium broke out in front of the bank and on the street.

The Boss jumped down from the car with a water jet metal cutter and made for the main entrance. Richard followed suit, making a beeline for the ATM, a drill in one hand and his semi-automatique in the other.

Luke sat behind the wheel observing everything, replaying his plan over and over in his head. People were shouting and running. Crystal stood calmly beside the car, her eyes flashing as she watched everything, waiting for anyone to make a wrong move. The boss beckoned and Luke got out of the car and headed towards him. Just then, Richard opened the ATM.

Luke watched as two guards, both armed, soundlessly snuck up on Richard. He smiled and turned his face away. Everything was going according to plan. He heard Richard's scream as he crossed the door into the bank hall. He looked up and saw the boss watching him intently, with those hard, emotionless eyes. They stared at each other unblinking. Then came another scream, followed by the sound of running feet. Someone was shouting into a phone, calling for help, giving a description of the bank.

“Let’s get out of here,” the boss said, heading for the door.

Luke relaxed a little. For a brief moment, he'd thought his face had betrayed him.

“You aren't going anywhere.”

The boss turned and found himself staring into a the barrel of a gun. He slowly placed his own on the floor, careful not to break eye contact.

“Say your last prayers,” Luke ordered.

The boss raised his hands in a sign of surrender. Smirking, he took two steps forward.

“Don’t move,” Luke ordered.

He ignored the warning, and before he could take step, Luke pulled the trigger, burying a bullet between his eyes. Blood splattered on the wall behind him, accompanied by a heavy thud as his body hit the floor.

Crystal ran in at that moment. Her right arm was covered in blood.

“Richard is down. We have to get out of...”

She froze, her eyes widening as she took in the smoking gun in Luke's hand. She looked at Luke and frowned as realisation dawned.

“You shot the boss. You killed him, you fool.

“Relax, honey. You’re going to thank me for this.

“Thank you? Do you realise what you've done?

“He’s dead. Let’s get out of here.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you,” she reached for her gun.

“You are not going to do that.”

“No, Luke. I’m not going to kill you, but you’ll be sorry by the time I’m through with you.

“I’ll just have to leave you behind, baby,” he smirked and pulled the trigger. Nothing came out.Crystal smiled.

“You idiot! I took out all but one bullet. I knew you were up to something. Now, wipe that shock off your face. We’ve been in this together for a long time and I know you better than you know yourself," she said, smiling as the sound of police sirens filled the air.

The first shot hit him on the left shin. He grunted, staggering backwards. The second bullet buried itself in his arm. He went down as the third one slammed into his right knee. Luke fell to the floor, the scream of pain in his throat coming out as an agonised groan. He watched in horror as Crystal picked up the bags of money and ran out. The sirens drew closer.

Outside, a car engine turned over and he knew she was leaving. With her skills, the police would never catch her, even if he gave her up.

As he thought of the way things had turned out, he began to cry.

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