Undelegating and powering down from Steem

Today was a sad (and happy) day! I have been on Steem for over two years and met some amazing people, while earning some internet money along the way. However, after some thought and deliberation I have decided to undelegate and power down (most of) my Steem. I will leave a smallish ammount of Steem there for a while just for shits and giggles - will be interesting watching the ship sink!


I see this as a good time to diversify, and for this reason will be trading my Steem for other cryptos. At the moment it will just be BTC, but also wanna get some of that Ethereum :)

Although I may not agree with every decision made to move us to the Hive, the positives outweigh the negatives, and most people are seeing things the same way as me. There has been some positive price action on Hive, with it peaking at over 0.30, and stabilizing closer to 0.28. Steem (as expected with all the powerdowns) is slowly bleeding. Probably wont go to zero, but might bottom out art 0.05. It could somehow go the other way. I doubt it though as I feel the damage has already been done. Who knows what Justin Sun can market and come up with from this mess!

I would be interested to hear what everyone elses plans are surrounding the Hive and the future of Steemit. I feel like a bit of a deserter, but feel if I didnt leave I would sink with the ship.


For the most part I will keep posting on here and my Steemit blog, unless I am talking shit about them as I might get a massive downvote!