My Random Series: Lockdown Day 7

Week 1... Staying at home... Lockdown... Maybe we will be looking at total lockdown if the cases still keep increasing... Really please stay at home... This is not the time go hanging out at friend's house or at mamak or go shopping or clubbing... Just stay at home... Better be safe than sorry... The virus is REAL! Yes, everyone of us suffer... Financially, emotionally, physically, mentally... But if we are sick or dead because of the virus, freedom, money, enjoy doesn't matter anymore... Doctors and nurses work selflessly for everyone, so what we can do to help them to help us is to stay at home...

If the lockdown gonna be extended, I really need to top up our food supply at home... Was surfing the online delivery services... If I can get the groceries being delivered, then my husband no need to go out... But sadly, all the delivery slots are full!!! And it's not just full for today... It's full till the end of this week...

From Happy Fresh...

From Tesco Online

Delivery services from Facebook also full... 😭😭😭

How many of you in your household? How many days of supplies do you have? Are you prepared for an extension of the lockdown?

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