Honey Badger Saga


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away there was a happy Honey Badger. The world changed and difficult times came but Honey Badger didn't care. As long as her DPos was here to stay she was content to play.

Then along came a spider who sat down beside her and tried to frighten Miss Badger away. Honey Badger was not disturbed. She took out a soft fork and pulled out a plumb. She said, "Oh what a good girl am I."


Justin the Martian couldn't stand that one bit. He went directly to Poloneix and got a big stick. "Listen all these are my witnesses: thing one and thing two, thing three four five and six. Watch and see. See them play with my stick."

Thing one and thing two had a blast but little did they know the network almost crashed. The lights dimmed here and there. And what was Justin doing about this affair? Still playing with his stick.


Our badger got together all the steem she could muster. She wasn't going to be bought out by anyone. Her voice would sound free through the blockchain again.

She knocked out thing 1 and thing 2. Then she knocked out thing 3-20 and prepared the way for humans not Martians or things to take stake on the witness stand.


As far as I can tell there is more saga to continue. While the world has turned its attention to corona virus 19 our Honey Badger has turned her attention to witnesses 1-20. 🍯

Thanks to @ocdb, @blocktrades for giving the opportunity for honeybadger to triumph.