31Sentence Contest-Shemzy's Entry

Hey! This is my entry to @tristancarax's 31sentence contest. If you fancy to be a part,follow the link below

Contest expectation

Here is the expected sentence order. We are expected to follow the story sentence in this order.


Dave explore in the erstwhile building

"Slowly the young man worked his way through the brush and the young trees that had grown up".

" Through the cracked foundation of the dilapidated house, a broken oil lamp lay dashed on the burnt out staircase".

" Cobwebs filled window openings"

" At the base of the staircase, the young man halter, dared he try to climb the stairs to the main floor above, he doubted the rotted wood would hold him long"

" He had wanted to explore this erstwhile house"
" But his mother had strictly forbade it, reminding him of the No trespassing sign"

" And warning him that it was not safe. How long the house had stood this way, he didn't know, today was different"

" No one could stop him, however for only a few hours before he had bought the land on which the house stood, he moved carefully from one step"
" Testing each before putting his full weight upon it, the young man gingerly mounted the stairs, here and there he skipped a step way beneath him"

" At the top, he paused to survey the charred remains that surround him and stood at the end of a long room"
" Broken pottery and twisted metal littered the floor. A warped candlestick lay on the edge of what must have been the family table at then"

" Here and there scraps of material waved in the breeze through the windows".

" Though he wondered what the room might reveal, a step in that direction quickly changed the explorer's mind as his foot went through the weak floor"

" Turning to his left, the young man discovered a long hallway with an opening on either side. Here the floor creaked"

" The opening to the left revealed a room dominated by a massive stone fireplace, parts of the chimney above had tumbled onto the rusted, dusted ,sooty grate"
" But then, the only furniture in the room was the crumbling remains of a small table"

" Moving cautiously around the broken boards on the floor, dave moved toward the hint of light. Then realized that a closed door lay at the end of the hallway"

" The door knob turned but the rusted hinge prevented him from opening the door and he pushed"
" Though disappointed"
" Dave retracted his steps through the kitchen"
" As he started to climb into his car, the thought came to him; that hunt of light must mean something"

" he thought, perhaps I could see into the room from the back of the house"
" After much effort,Dave stood at the back of the house"

" Having worked his way under the low old trees branches"
" Through the bushes"
" A single window adorned the wall"

" Inching his way up the tree and out the limb, the explorer gasped with atonement as he peered through the dirty glass, this room appeared to have been largely untouched"
." Candlestick stood on the mantle"
" Although the wall were yellowed and spotted with water"

" Excited"
" This room might reveal what the rest house must have looked like"