End of SteemAuto...

I didn't know about this until today and I was kind of wondering if my votes were doing anything...

Steemauto - 3 years of free service on Steem - The End


Normally my voting power is around 80 or less since SteemAuto is always voting for someone.
But today I noticed that my voting power is above 90 so I was like 🤔 what is going on.
Then found out that they ended their service on steemit.
(Hive.vote is still working though)

HF23 caused a huge drama and messed a lot of stuff...
And I am still sad about BlockTrades too.
BlockTrades discontinuing support for Steem

Project HOPE is focused more on steemit? and they had a curation trail going.
Anybody know any other voting services? What is going to happen after this?
I don't mind 10 minutes every morning or something but manual curation all day is exhausting 😬

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