Shadow Contest WINNERS-Round 106

Congrats to this week's winners! As always every one of the entries deserves to win, and to spread it around a bit more I am adding to the prize pool and giving out 12sbi and 1200 ESTM this week!

Thanks to @annephilbrick for all of the help she gives to the contest and for doing the really difficult task of choosing the winners.

If you want to check to see how much SBI you have you can type
!sbi status in a comment.

@deerjay z8rv9q.jpg


@gingbabida 4wvgse.jpg


@mllg ff3jru.jpg








Show Me A Shadow

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Shadow Photo Contest-Round 107- Show Me A Shadow

banners by @shasta

. By @zord189

If you have 100 cc you can use the tag and reward cc to everyone who leaves a comment on your post, too!


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