Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 72): A state of randomness

b1zq3e.jpg Image source: @xpilar

A world is enough for the wise.
This is what we were told back then as kids and we abided in it. Life went well and nothing like disobeying our parents.
There was no 'f-ck you mom' and no 'i hate you'.
Our parents loved us as kids and blessed us with all they could.
This state of understand grew from better to best, up untill we got married to our very best lover.
Thank God for the marriage blessings and the gift of life.
As couple, we had to make plans for kids and how they will be trained. Either formal or informal way.
Formal way went well until the kids started going to school and watching TV series of their choices.
We tried to put these kids in the same manner that our parents did to us when we were like them but it wasn't working at all.
Nowadays, the kind abilities and behaviors which children between the ages of 3-8 adapt to is very annoying and offending.
How can you tell a kid of about 5 years to keep quiet for some seconds and she will reply you with boldness "Why?"
What nonsense!
Imagine this very little tiny slim fry.
I had to sit her down and advise her not to accommodate such behavior even though it's necessary for her to know why she should keep quiet but not required in most cases.
If this was in my own days, Daddy or Mummy would have beaten the hell out of you that very moment you asked such question.
And these days kids, they don't want to be flogged of beaten up by their elders for making mistakes.
They forgot that the Bible encourages such thing.
Proverbs 13:24.
What a state of randomness.
What a different world on the same earth.
The state of discipline these days is questionable.
God help us all.

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