Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 73): My view

4o2hti.jpg Image source: @xpilar

This image is made by @xpilar on the basis of own imagination and thoughts for the 73rd competition which its price is his special upvote.
Got to his blog for more details.
For the competition, I'll be sharing my view i.e what I have seen in the image.
At first, I thought of a new planet with rings around it but that didn't go well as I had no conclusion.
The second time I looked at the image, I came up with this post of writing the details of the image.
Looking at the image, you'll discover that there are two similar ring forming objects on both sides.
The colors of the ring seen are red and green.
The green one has scale-like stuffs around it, making it to looks like rough muscles tissues or blood streams.
Does this tell you of anything?
It should.
After all, it is an imaginary image.
One of the red rings also have this same scale-like stuffs around it and it scares me to say that this is a plant.
It can be used to write stories about some brave scary sect of plants that attacked somewhere, just like in sci-fi movies.
The moon is shining so well as if they paid it to do so, even when the smoky cloud is before it. Am just saying.
The stars are as bright as possible.
Oh, I see another stuff down there.
The red ball.
Is that the brain?
I think so because, it looks as if it is the controller of the whole ringing up and down.
That could be the cause of clear red rings and scale-like green rings.
These are my observation.
Feel free to participate in the competition.
Special thanks to this wonderful steemian, @xpilar for this competition.

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