Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 74): Our migration

y7kvon.jpg Image source: @xpilar

This image is made by @xpilar on the basis of own imagination and thoughts for the 74th competition.

Just like in the days of war, our homes were destroyed and our lands got occupied by strangers. Authorities and permission got obtained by hit-and-run lords.
These happened in such a way that we couldn't share the same habitat with them as they had more powers and are likely to have every authority over our activities/operations.
One day, our wise men and women gathered in their secret place to find a lasting solution.
It took them some time to figure out what needs to be done to separate us from them.
After some time, they came out boldly to the public and announced our departure from our lost community to another very similar community.
Before they came out to say so, they tested the pattern of the new community in our lost community and it worked as planned.
On one beautiful Friday morning, our new community was lunched and it stood without any headache.
Today, we live a free life with our big men and women, creative youths and adorable kids doing what they know best for the development of our new community.
Hive is our new community and we love it as it has given to us, exactly what we had back there at steemit.
Whoever that wishes to come over is very free and welcomed.
We have the power and whales to maintain it.
I love hive. How about you?

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