ASHAA OTHOBA NIRASHAA: It's not yet over until it is over.

"It was is not over until it is over He said to me" As flip through the pages of life. I discovered many wasted years, It seems like I have never existed all these years
There is always someone who stand the gap for me to get it right,but instead of making that person happy I end up adding salt to his injury.


He is the hero in my life that I will never forget, he has made me who and what I am today . Right from my tender age he has always told me "Sammy the only good I will do to you in life is to give you that which no one can steal from you". I sit and wonder what is it that can't stolen away from me?
I searched and discovered nothing is absolutely impossible for thieves to steal collect from one except they are not determine. Well he never told me what that was but he tries all his possible best to see that I get a quality education. Considering the fact that I always get what I want, made me ignore that fact of going to school.
I mingle with people who will not add positively to me instead it was all negativity. Smoking, drinking were the other of the day. While doing this, He still stood by my side just to see that his boy becomes a better person some day. Though it was not all that easy to do as the more he tries the more salt I put into the injuries that I have caused him already. Everyday has it's own special trouble caused by me it's either I engage in a fight or it's something else. I never know how good my dad is until the day I saw a school mate of mine in a Hyundai Elantra cruising around my area. when he stopped me to tell me how he managed to get to that stage I was amazed how time flies. It was a wow something to him and to me it was a thing of sadness and sorrow because I misused my time. I sat had a rethink of my dad's word, I checked carefully as I arrived at the real thing he was talking about." I want to give to you something no one can steal from you" I discovered if he gives me all the riches he had they can be stolen, the cars, houses, clothes, and what have you. But Education is that which is impossible to be stolen though it was a whole lot of time wasted so I made up my mind, went to my dad for forgiveness. I cried and confessed how i have wasted the time but his word make me stronger as he told me " sammy it's not yet over untill it's over" he said to me you can still do it that word of his set me back on track.