Describe-your-best-adda:Time almost Disappointed me.

This set of adda are one of their kind as i don't think i will ever come across people who will make me happy when ever I'm around them woawwwwwwww. As they are noe best thing that has ever happened in my life.
o82s5w.jpgI have never been this excited in my life as as we shout jump and even went on swimming.
That seems like it will never end as we all went out on a pre marriage party by the side of a very big dam. At first it was a kind of only boys things and we were enjoying the fun as it was only the guys that are there but we letter discovered it will be more fun only if we admit the presence of ladies as well. We finally made a decision to go bring the girls to be part of the celebration and also add light to it. bnimwt.jpgWell we waited for a while and then boom the ladies arrived I was astonished when5ixdlz.jpg I saw a lady whom I have been crushing on in that vicinity. Woawwww one of my adda said to me is that not the girl you have been crushing on all this while as i turned to to see how stunning she was, Great!!!!!! I said to my self as this will surely be a great opportunity for me to strike on the issue of going out with her. And trust me the adda with gave me an extra leg to stand on as he said sammy go am right behind you and straight i made my way to where she was standing.
While others were busy swimming I was busy with my assignment of getting the full attention of that lady of which was a success after a long struggle to do that.whats your name and she replied Linda woaw I said to my self as right inside me was jubilation all through, telling me her name alone seems like the whole earth to me.
After much discussion we got to know each other the more but it seems time wasn't on my side so I have to make the point clear to her"I LOVE YOU" I muttered the word and she looked into my eyes just before she could say a word some called out it's getting late lets all retire back to the house as that place can be dangerous at night and all I heard was "I WILL SEE YOU WEN WE GET HOME" I was worried but trust me it still made my day as I will not be too quick to forget that day.