Five things 2019/2020 English season have taught us.

Five things 2019/2020 English season have taught us.

The obvious one is that life is bigger than football. If their is one thing worthy of note, it's going to be the realisation that life comes first before football and the pandemic proves that. Peeps at England believes that football is all and their always strict measures when it to shifting football dates was humbled by Corona virus. The Fa never wants to change kick off dates of any match and always insist that the match must be played regardless of any circumstances.

Rogers have a long way to go in regards for him proving his top coaching credentials and ability. He was applauded despite failing to win the league title during his stints with Liverpool but failing to attain the champions league top 4 position with this Leicester squad is unforgivable. Leicester deserved a fairy tale ending due to their early start to the league competition but somehow after the restart, they manage to throw away their point lead found themselves outside the top four. Rodgers still have to learn how to manage top personalities and egos and he shouldn't be afraid to drop top players who are not performing.

Manchester city are beatable and although they ended up being 2nd on the table, series of event that happened proves that you can overcome them just by maintaining your original style of play. Norwich was the first team to beat them and they did that playing the only way they know how to, being attractive. With the amount of loss suffered by Manchester city this season very few team's will accord them with the same level of respect that was been giving to them in the past.

To be continued...