Latest news surrounding the beautiful game of football: series 2

Hello sport lovers,
I feel this should be a daily tonic to all football lovers on that note, here is today's dose of what has happened in the football world within 24 hours

At age 35 Ronaldo broke a record by becoming the first player to score 50 goals in three different leagues. What makes the achievement even stand out is how fast he did it and that's something that will be hand to see in years to come. Despite the pandemic, this year is turning out to be a year of breaking and setting records.

Messi himself created two records after their last game against Real Sociedad by scoring twice to lift the division top scorer for the seventh time. Also creating highest assist record in a single season by gathering a stunning 21 assist to set the record and upsetting Xavi record of 20 assists in a single season.

A defender with 11 goals in a single league campaign something to drool about and that's exactly the record which was set by Sergio Ramos after he netted in the last game of the season. That was a career-high for ram is himself who started as a right-back before being deployed at the heart of the defence for over 10 years now. His goal tally speaks a lot about how the goal responsibility is been spread among the team.