My late night shopping

Jus yesterday, i did some late night shopping at around 9pm at a local store, i bought some cereal and milk from the provision store which is just 10 minutes walk to where I reside.

The store was located at Bello street at oshodi/isolo local government, Lagos state Nigeria.

Screenshot_20200725211643.png The google location of the store

So on getting to the store, I firstly took a picture at the store entry
IMG_20200725_210529_3.jpgSnapshot of the store at the entrance

Before making way to the segment which houses cereal, I moved closer and picked the stuff I needed before ending to pay in cash to the sales attendant. IMG_20200725_211125_9.jpg Cereal side of the store

Some of the cereals and Milk I bought were snapped and they will be shared below with prices in local currency;

peak tin milk (6000 naira)

Milo Tin Beverage (2000 naira)

Milo grain cereal (1000) IMG_20200725_210823_2.jpg
Kelloggs grain cereal (1500 naira)IMG_20200725_210853_0.jpg

kellologs cornflakes (1000 naira) IMG_20200725_210808_5.jpg

The total cost of all bought in naira was summaries below;

Peak milk: 6000
Milo tin: 2000
Milo grain cereal: 1000
Kellogg's grain cereal:1500
Kellogg's cornflakes: 1000
Total: 11500 naira

The total cost of goods bought was 11,500 naira and it was later converted to a dollar using the Data provided by Morningstar exchange. 11500 naira equals 29.78 united states dollars.

I used wallet investor to covert the 29.78 United states dollar to steem and it equals 141.47 Hive.

Total goods bought; 11,500 in naira = 29.76 USD = 141.47 Hive

The screenshot of naira to dollar using morning star conversion Screenshot_20200725230747.png

At the end of the shopping, I paid in cash to the sales attendant