Who needs the Fa cup win more; Gunners or Blues

With just a few hours left to the first kick of the last match in England division, what do you expect?

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Many want the gunners to win and continue ranking up the records for most FA cup wins while others expect Chelsea to win.

But wants and expectations don't win a football match but what does is the sheer passion and determination and of course, the quality of players on the pitch and sometimes luck.

In that regard, the two teams facing off each other in today's game have a lot to fight for and although Arsenal might have won the FA Cup more, they are even more motivated to win the Trophy but Chelsea are just as motivated as they are.

For Arsenal, the Trophy win will instil more confidence into the team while going into next season and also, it might help in making the players happy and also compensate them for losing out on the champions league side.

Chelsea on the other hand, need the Trophy to boost the morale of the players. The blues sides are filled with young players plus coach and winning this Cup will help boost everyone's confidence. Lampard hasn't won anything as a coach and he will want to start winning with his first final ever as a coach.

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The determination and how much each team came prepared into this game will reflect on the final result of the match today. May the best side win.

I personally, I am rooting for Chelsea, so who are you rooting for?