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Looking for a platform to learn and earn, then Hive.blog should be a place to be. In a world where many crypto writing platforms has increased and it's easy to overlook one for another which will be less meaningful towards aiding your writing career, that's where Hive.blog comes in. Continue reading to know why you should join and also introduce more people to the platform.

The fun part of joining hive at the moment is that you can always find a community you belong in. Gone are the days where quality contents get mixed up and probably not being seen at all by the people who appreciate it. But with communities place, you could select you or audience and be heard more. this will help your contents to be even appreciated more. Everyone is welcome, right from the writers to photographer to tech guys and developers. You all have space and communities who will support you.


My personal favourite communities are #mancave, #sportstalk, #theinkwell, and #bdcommunity. The #sportstalk community is for sports lovers and you get to meet like minds. #mancave community is a community for men to showcase and talk about manly stuff. #theinkwell community is a community for poets, fiction and non-fiction writers (storytellers). While lastly is the #bdcommunity, this community supports all niches of writing and it's great to use. Supports, curations and useful advises and compliments in forms of comment will be gotten

Joining a community is not all it has to offer if you wanna horn your writing skills, then you should consider joining Hive now because a lot of contest are flying around to help out you through on rudiments of writing. On the hive platform at the moment, the contest is springing up here and there to help support writers while also helping to improve their skills.

Hive serves and as a one-stop news centre due to the wide range of users constantly updating their blog about the latest happenings. You can as well call the platform an information centre and it's easy to see why. A key advantage of joining the platform Is that you get to be updated on various aspects of everything in the world. Due to the range of users, you get to be updated on so many fields such as technology, blockchain, culture (different countries), politics and even a country economy at moment, just by being online on the hive platform.



Lastly, of course, everyone wants to earn for their time spent online and that's where you should consider joining the Hive platform now. Due to the COVID, jobs have been lost but this platform has found a way to reward users for their inputs and it's rewarding to not only learn but also engage, be updated on currently happening and earn considerably well for it. The platform is supportive and the reason why you should join now is that everyone is welcome to learn and earn.

In addition to everything being said, joining the platform will give you identity and a shoulder to lean on while in need or in a shoulder to rest on. So everyone is welcome here and everyone is been appreciated for their inputs. The platform isn't even up to six (6) months old yet, so what's is stopping you from joining now and referring others?

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