Premiership is a very competitive football league and although it happened that Liverpool had done its bit to win it already the top two (2) champion leagues spots are still up for grabs. The total of eight (8) clubs still have a shot at occupying the third and fourth position on the English premier league mathematically.

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But Realistically, four teams have a shot at winning the top two spots remaining. With just three league matches remaining (Man united as Four left), it's safe to say that the two champions league spot is up for grabs and with Man City cleared to play in next year European Tournament, things just got interesting.

Who will be more chanced to qualify for the European champions league

Everyone has an opinion to make, let's carefully examine the four teams that stand a chance

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After losing to Bournemouth in their last game. It dawns on Chelsea that they just complicated things for themselves. They're facing Norwich (A team already relegated) in their next match and they are expected to win. But their hope on qualifying happens to fall on winning the last two matches remaining. Wining both Wolves and Liverpool game will see them feature in next year champions league.Chelsea needs a maximum of 9 points to cement their place in the champions league

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Leicester have the toughest of the draw and the Remaining three games is a must-win for them to qualify for the champions league spot. They will be facing direct rivals for the spot and these teams are not easy to defeat. L
Leicester needs a maximum of 9 points to qualify and that includes winning their last game of the season

Manchester United
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This team have just 4 matches left and just a point adrift from the fourth spot. They have a better chance and shot at qualifying for the champions league provided they win at least three of their last four games. They virtually need 10 points to qualify for the spot, regardless of whatever happens.

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Virtually all other teams destiny rest in their own hands aside from them. They could win all the remaining matches they have and still end up not qualifying if other teams are winning. For them to go through, they need to win All their remaining matches while hoping that the three other teams lost at least two of their remaining games. A draw and a loss for the other three teams will still see them qualify if they win their own three games remaining.

There you have it. Which team do you sincerely think stands a chance at qualifying. I await to hear your thoughts in the comment sections.