Ashaa Othoba Nirashaa: wounded warrior

I woke up feeling bruised, my head ache and could hardly see, feeling all dizzy. My vision had betrayed me as I tried to accommodate the sun ray that Pierced from the east West. "I must have laid helplessly here for days" I thought. I noticed my joint was dislocated as I tried rising on my feet, I couldn't walk. On the field laid dead bodies in pool of blood, I tried recollecting my memory to how I had ended here. "It's been days and I must had been in a battle" memories of the war scene flashed my mind, the bruises on my face and the dislocated joint was a prove.

I am shun, I was born in the land of slavery, after my clan was defeated in inter-tribal war and captured as slaves. I had learnt the art of war in the land of my captivity. I had come to know my root- who I was and it left me no choice than to fight to claim back our freedom.

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In pain I crawled my heavy body down the hills in search of water to quench my thirst, the heat from the desert that lie ahead was already becoming unbearable for me. I could few my strength draining in the desert that looked cursed, the drip of blood from my wrecked ankle made a trail as a trenched. I tore the vest I wore tying it around my knee joint to support my leaping leg and prevent further lost of blood. " My throat has gone dry , I could hardly breath nor speak, my energy was draining. My eyes could no longer see the brightness of the day , it was dim and my eyelid heavy . All hope of survival was lost left alone in the deadly deserts that eat up men. Behold I gazed at an Oasis from afar or what seemed like it as i trenched toward it direction, almost fainting at some points and laid almost lifeless on the open field , I could hear an inner voice that assured me it wasn't over yet. I looked into the sky mumbling a prayer asking for a strength to carry me through.

I wasn't sure if the prayer was answered but I was never going to give up, I needed to be alive to save my clan. The thought of their slavery arose a surge of refreshed energy in me as I struggled harder in pain heading to where seem like a tunnel of life- The Oasis. The burning heat no longer matter to me , all my thoughts was surrounded around making my people free men once again.

After a long crawl that had bruise all my skin , I was presented before the bench of water that quench my thirst. I await few more days to fully recover then go save my people that served as my motivation to stay alive.